Why do Filipinos celebrate Christmas in the Philippines in September?

September is finally here and for Filipinos, the long season of Christmas has just begun. You heard it right – Christmas! We celebrate the world’s longest Christmas season. Here you will hear Christmas songs being played on the radio or at public places like the malls. Jose Mari Chan’s and Mariah Carey’s Christmas songs are all over the place, even in social media memes! Speaking of malls, you’ll see Christmas trees and decorations in department store’s racks as soon as the calendar hits September 1st.  You’ll see holiday promos here and there – from fast food restaurants to hotel and airlines, they’re just everywhere it’s crazy you’ll think it’s all a marketing stunt.

Jose Mari Chan Image from Philippine Daily Inquirer

So why do we celebrate the season so early than the rest of the world? When did this tradition started? After doing some research, I find no concrete data as of when we started the extended celebrations. But there’s an evident pattern. It could be the psychological influence of, as we call it, the “BER months” (September to December) and the Filipinos usual love of great gatherings like fiestas. Another factor also is we like to count down the days to big celebrations. Any day from now, a 100-day countdown to Christmas will be seen on the evening news, trust me.

Filipinos are kind of hard-wired to prepare early for celebrations like this. This kind of observance gives us a lot of chance to buy gifts, decor our houses with Christmas trees (even if it does not even snow here), install parols and plan Christmas events or reunions.

Parol or Christmas lanterns Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Circling back, you might ask – is this early celebration of Christmas season really a marketing stuff?  I guess not. Businesses are reactionary, meaning they are just following the trend and Filipinos in general love fiestas, the gatherings and reunions. We cherish our time so much with our families and friends. I guess we are just wild and passionate for anything that will allow us to celebrate – just look for the number of holidays we have, both working and non-working.

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